Okinawa Oura bay glass-bottom boat

Oura Bay blue coral community
Oura Bay blue coral community

Oura Bay where various creatures coexist

 In Oura Bay,Nago Okinawa, new species are discovered every year. More than 5,800 creatures have been identified, and endangered species such as dugongs make their habitat. This is a hotspot for biodiversity. There is no such sea as Oura Bay even in Okinawa. Its value is said to be comparable to the World Heritage Site.

The blue coral communities in Oura Bay are 13 meters high, 30 meters wide and 50 meters long. It is said that it took thousands of years to grow to this size.


However, destroying the precious nature, a new US military base is about to be built. Take a glass-bottlm boat tour to see the richness of Oura Bay with your own eyes and think about what each of us can do to protect the sea.


Okinawa Oura bay glass-bottom boat

Let's go on a glass boat to see the world's largest blue coral communities!

Beautiful corals and fish can be found over the glass-bottom.

3 tips to know (may change depending on the weather)

1 Blue coral community

The surface is brownish-red but the skeleton is blue. Oura Bay has the largest coral communities currently known in the world. They had been unknown for thousands of years until it was discovered in 2007. They are a home of many creatures such as moray eel, sea anemone and anemone fish.

2 Giant colossus coral

The size of 5 square meters and the shape are very rare. It is considered to have lived for over 500 years. A large see tree that can only be seen in Oura Bay.

3 “Midori-Ishi”

Table-like corals spread in all directions. They suffered a great damage from being bleached 20 years ago, but recovered smoothly and grew to the point of spawning in recent years. They are expanding their habitat.

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